A Travel Baseball Program That Simply Works.

Finally! An organization that focuses on development and growth first.

Experienced, Committed, and Caring Coaching Staff Providing Personalized Attention.

Disciplined, High-Performance, Data-Driven Approach to Baseball Development.

Identifiable Improvement On and Off The Field as a Player and, More Importantly, as a Person.

Baseball The RIGHT Way

Somewhere along the way, youth baseball got lost. It became about winning at all costs. Churn and burn baseball ‘organizations’ popped up and grew. And rather than teach the game, they sift through players to only find the most talented, all while stealing from parents with promises of scouts and college scholarships. The emphasis on helping kids get better was lost as the fun of the game was stripped away.

It’s wrong that this happened.

The Regulators Baseball Club is different. Through our focus on HEAT™ (Hustle. Effort. Attitude. Teamwork.) we take pride in the way our players conduct themselves both on and off the field.

We’ve modeled ourselves around the best the baseball world has to offer, with both developmental and high level competitive teams, we’re focused on making your young man better.

With individualized instruction by coaches who have played Division I baseball in the Ivy League and the ACC, coaches who’ve coached Major League Baseball All-Stars and World Series MVPs, coaches who’ve played and coached at all levels and who’ve dedicated their lives to youth sports, we’re not about flash. We’re about results. For every kid. Not just our ‘top’ teams.

This is baseball the RIGHT way.

Baseball the SMART Way

As we work with our student-athletes, our ultimate goal is to help them play at the next level. For some, that might be making their middle school and high school teams. For others, that might involve playing in college or at the professional level. Therefore, it is our goal to have those players be seen by as many college and professional coaches and scouts as possible.

And, let’s face it. The tech and data revolution is here when it comes to sports. That’s why we use the industry-leading analytics hardware and software used by all 30 MLB teams and 1,200+ colleges and facilities across the United States.

We utilize Rapsodo®, Pocket Radar®, and laser timing systems to measure player performance. That allows us to build specific player development plans to help players reach their maximum potential.

And that data is leveraged to help you get seen. College and pro scouts use the Rapsodo database when evaluating players. Their National Database is a scouting tool that shows where you rank on metrics among your peers.

This Data-Driven Domination™. This is baseball the SMART way.