Do you want to help your child develop into a better baseball player while also developing him into a stand-up young man?

Are you tired of wasting time and money on programs that are revolving doors focused only on 'winning now' and having your child show no improvement?

We were too.

If you feel like your young athlete is lost in the shuffle, not improving over the course of a season because more value is placed on winning than development and/or are simply tired of wasting thousands of dollars year over year and not seeing the results of that investment…

This organization may be for you:


Are you and your athlete looking for a fresh start and a fair opportunity to grow and develop? Are you looking for a program designed to give your athlete the best chance to reach the next level?

We provide top-level coaching to help refine their skills. Our coaches have not only played professional and college baseball, they boast decades of combined youth baseball coaching experience. We’re development-first, so our goal is always to position players for the next stage in baseball and life!

Hustle. Effort. Attitude. Teamwork. ™

Youth: 9u Through 12u 

In the spring/summer, our youth programs focus on skills, development, and consistent growth. They play a combination Top Gun/USSSA/PG schedules corresponding with their skill level.

The 12u team has a confirmed date for Cooperstown Dreams Park to cap their season.

School Age: 13u through 16u/2026

In the summer, our school-age programs play a schedule commensurate with our skills, including USSSA, PG, Prospect Select, and Dynamic Showcase (14u and above). This past summer/fall, our 14u, 15u, and 16u teams have played at

  • University of Tennessee,
  • UNCC,
  • East Tennessee State University,
  • Notre Dame,
  • Vanderbilt,
  • Winthrop,
  • North Greenville University, and
  • Clemson.

Our school-age players receive:

  • Virtual Combine profiles (13u and above)
  • NCSA Premium profiles (15u and above)
  • Film Day with Rapsodo metrics to build out those profiles
  • Access to exclusive Regulators PBR Scout Days in the Fall and Spring
  • College recruitment help and guidance

Come find out what you’ve been missing!

Mountain Island Charter School Baseball Complex
220 Henderson St.
Mt. Holly, NC 28120