PLAYER AGREEMENT for Regulators Baseball Club

1. Introduction

This document covers the team rules, policies and procedures for the Regulators Baseball Club SCBL team.

2. team policies

  • You represent the best of a growing organization in Charlotte, NC. Respect the opportunity you’ve been given and represent yourself and the organization with pride.
  • BE ON TIME! Report to all baseball activities on time, i.e. practices, team meetings, etc.
  • Each player is responsible for receiving approval from the Coach to report late or be excused from practice.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, or use of any type of tobacco is prohibited.
  • The possession or use of illegal drugs will result in automatic dismissal from the team.
  • Refrain from swearing, both on and off the field.
  • Do not throw any equipment, including bats, helmets, gloves, etc., at any time.
  • Arguing with umpires is NOT permitted
  • ALL players will be in full game uniform for every game.
  • Players are responsible for their own travel to and from games and practices.

3. housing

  • We will work to find you housing. As such, you are fully responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the properties we provide for you.
  • As such, you are responsible for any damages that occur. 
  • If you are housed with a group, the entire group is responsible equally for any damage to that property.
  • Do not damage the property and we will not need to worry about it.
  • See bullet number one under TEAM POLICIES.


  • Dues are non-refundable, either in full or in part, with the following exceptions:
    • If a player sustains an injury that prevents them from competing for the entirety of the season and a replacement is found to fill your spot on the roster.
    • In the aforementioned exceptional cases, a refund will be processed after the conclusion of the affected season

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